Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I am not unhappy to see the end of 2010.  I was pretty happy to see the snow melting in the 50° temps we were experiencing on the 31st.  We had about a foot of snow on the ground from the previous month's many snowfalls and I can surely do without it.  This was a shot from my front porch looking south late in the day when the fog was starting to move back in.

Do you make New Year Resolutions?  I do -- and I even write them down for my own referral.  I won't bore you with most of them, but I do have a few quilty ones.  I want to make more time for sewing -- the past 6 months did not see an abundance of sewing.  I want to try to set aside even 15 minutes a day, but even better, a whole day every week just to sew/quilt.
I'm not going to put a number on projects to finish, but I'd like to get a few of my own tops quilted this year -- I have them waiting with backing, so hopefully I can get one loaded every now and then.  Kris and I started Bonnie's latest mystery and we're both still working on step 3 -- I have 15 more of these string blocks to make.

And yes, I know she'll be posting the borders next week and I did print off part 6 and love the quilt, so will definitely be finishing this one -- at my own pace.
I want to sew/quilt more, but I don't want to make a job of it -- more enjoying, less accomplishing.  It's okay if it takes a few months to finish a quilt.  I hope to do more hand work, maybe even some handquilting.

I hope to post more often on my blog this year -- the goal will be at least 3 times a week.
This will be a year of major changes again, hopefully.  The plan is to put the house on the market; the dream is to actually sell it and buy something smaller.  It would be wonderful to be settled in a new place by the end of the summer.  To that end, I have a few resolutions about getting the house and yard ready - more like a timetable.  I'm a great one for making lists and planning ahead, but I'd really like to worry less about the future and live more in the moment -- that will probably be a real goal to accomplish!

Steph and the grandkids came down for a few hours Friday.  We're working on a quilt for Will's preschool auction.  Briana wore her new outfit and jacket that I got her for Christmas -- she says she likes them!
Melting snow.
A brand new year - new calendars (quilt ones, of course), a brand new slate.
A phone call from Steve most days.

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