Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Day at a Time

Yesterday was another of those "firsts" -- you know, first birthday without Bill, first Christmas, etc.  Yesterday was our anniversary -- would have been 29 years.  I had a major breakdown on Monday evening, so planned on doing nothing yesterday.  In fact, I told everyone I wanted to be alone and it worked very well for me.  Only had one small problem when I opened the mail and there was an anniversary card from Hospice for me.  I spent half the day taking care of some paperwork -- boy is there a lot of paperwork to change things into my name only.  Still haven't gotten Social Security straightened out....but that's their problem. 

I haven't done any piecing in months mostly because I haven't had time and also because I just didn't feel like it.  Last Monday, Kris and I held a "Quilt-In" at the Forest Preserve.  We had Kay demonstrate a new to us ruler, the June Taylor Perfect Half Square and Quarter Square triangles ruler.  She brought along a beautiful Jacob's Ladder quilt done in batiks to demonstrate the ruler too.  Lots of people worked on those blocks and we ate lots of food and generally had a good time.  I brought applique to do because I haven't been able to get my act together and pull fabrics, or cut fabrics or piece anything.  I really liked the demo on the ruler though, and started to get inspired at the quilt-in.

  Friday Kris and I stopped at the Leaf River Quilt Co. to pick up our Schnibbles® pattern for July and I bought some fat quarters and some charm square packs to make the pattern.  However,  I still hadn't done the Schnibbles® pattern for June, which was "Lincoln".  (We're doing a Schnibbles Club BOM at Leaf River -- in case you hadn't figured that out!).  So, Friday afternoon I decided it was time to get busy.  I finally cut out "Lincoln" and pieced one of the stars together.  Yesterday afternoon I finished piecing the stars and squared them up and then pieced the rail fence blocks.  Today I squared up the rail fence blocks and sewed the quilt together. 

It feels good to finally start piecing again.  Next up is the July Schnibbles and then I want to make some of those Jacob's Ladder blocks using the new ruler.  All in good time though -- I also have a few quilts waiting to be quilted. 

We had beautiful weather (albeit a bit hot!) for our church picnic this morning.
A whole bunch of people asked for the recipe for the Oriental Salad I brought to the picnic -- nice to know it was a hit!
Will turned 3 on Friday -- what a treasure that boy is -- the perfect child to be named after his Grandpa!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One month

I tried not to think about it today...but that proved impossible. Bill has been gone a month today -- sometimes it seems like a lot longer and sometimes I think he'll walk through the door after spending the day playing lumberjack in the woods. I've had some frustrating days dealing with financial stuff and my patience has worn thin -- and then I realize it's only been a month. Kevin told me today that I should think about the fact that way back in 1987 I drove Bill to the hospital while he was having his first heart attack and if I hadn't insisted he go, he might have died way back then as it turned out to be a major blockage and they had to do an emergency angioplasty that day.
Brings to mind this gift I've already shown you:  And I look at this every day and it is so, so very true -- we had 29 years of memories that I cherish -- he was one heck of a husband!

I really was blessed with 29 years of being married to Bill.
I'm relearning patience -- I don't know when I lost my patience, but over the years I seem to have expected things to be done faster and faster, everything seems to have picked up to a rat race level and now it's time to slow things down again.  To everything a season, and a time.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

Or, if you prefer -- Happy 4th of July!
And now back to our regularly scheduled program... I forgot to show you what gifts I got from my friends for my birthday last month.  The first one is knitted dish cloths and an Isabel Bloom sculpture, called Hugs,  from my friend Deb.

The next two are from my quilty friends -- lots of great fabrics, a quilt kit and a pretty coffee cup.

 Thanks, everyone -- it was a good birthday.

I am blessed to have been born in the USA!  This really is the best country on earth.
"New Beginnings" -- it was the topic of the sermon at church today.  Lots of food for thought.