Saturday, March 12, 2011


I just noticed that I haven't updated my blog in a month.  I don't have any great quilt pics to show because I've been really busy getting ready for an auction I'm having the end of April.  This first pic is of some of the furniture and big items I'll be selling -- this is just a small portion of things!  This is in the basement.
This second shot is just a small amount of stuff I've pulled from the storage area in the basement -- that's the section I'm working on now -- the storage area (lots of Christmas decorations yet to go through).
And this third shot is not even going in the auction -- it's a Small part of the paper I have to go through before I can throw it out. I started shredding things, but the shredder overheated and I realized it'll take me years to shred everything, so I'm going to have a big bonfire after I go through everything page by page!
Not even going to take pictures of the 32' x 72' shop and shed that's full of "stuff"!
After the auction and I get my house put back together again, I plan on putting the house on the market. I'll be moving to a much smaller house.
Sometime in May my friends and I are going to have a quilters/crafters garage sale, so I'll need to go through my excess "stuff" to downsize that area too. I'll be getting rid of some ufo's that are hanging over my head but that I'll never finish, some old patterns, books and miscellaneous. The idea is that once I get moved, I can start out fresh with less and get back into quilting with a new resolve on finishing the ufo's I will be keeping!

And on another note:  Steve's cancer is back once again and he's undergoing another round of radiation treatments, 5 days a week, for five weeks.  He's still fighting, but I don't know how much more he can endure.  This radiation is really tough.  Prayers are appreciated.

Friends and family to help us through each day.