Tuesday, August 31, 2010


"Let a joy keep you.  Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by." - Carl Sandburg

That's what we're doing today -- celebrating a joy!  Steve's MRI was clear again -- YAY!

The pastor of our church talked about abundance on Sunday and challenged us all to do something to share the abundance.  Yesterday I cleaned out my pantry and today I'm taking a trunk full of food to the food pantry.  And what a shame that I had so many things that I had to throw out because they were past their expiration date -- I'd call that over abundance!
What can you do to share the abundance?


Steve's MRI was clear!
I've been blessed with abundance in my life and it feels good to share it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Blessing

Michael Paul was baptized on Sunday.  And here's a picture of his whole family -- altogether at the same time -- difficult to do! 

And, I think we've come full circle now -- Steph insisted I take home some of the leftover food from the gathering after the church service.  Probably a good thing -- I haven't been eating all that well lately -- too lazy to cook for one, so I just grab junk food.

I've been getting some health issues taken care of over the last month or so and have a couple of things scheduled for the next month or so.  All those things I've been putting off and finally decided to take care of now.  I've scheduled a colonoscopy for next month -- it's been 5 years, so I was due.  I went to see the orthopedic surgeon yesterday and have a test scheduled for later this week -- will probably be scheduling carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand after that.  I had the surgery on my left hand years ago and had no problems afterwards.  I've been putting it off on my right hand because I'm right handed, but it's time to get it taken care of now.
And today I went to see my GP -- she gave me the results of the blood work done last week -- my A1C (blood sugar average), has been creeping up.  And when I tested myself Monday morning, I was at 150, so it's time to get back to eating right.  She knows about the incredible stress of the last few months/years, so we're going to work on getting my blood sugar down to normal with diet and exercise and no drugs for the next 6 months and see where we are from there.

I've started cleaning out closets and sorting through things.  It's going to be a long process, but I'm doing a little at a time and that makes it easier.  I'd like to have everything pared down by next spring.  I'm sorting as I go:  things for the kids, things going to Goodwill, things to sell on ebay or craigslist,  things to save for the auction, things to throw out, and things I'll be keeping.
When I did Bill's clothes, I also did mine -- let's face it, I've been hanging on to a whole bunch of clothes I will never wear again -- either because I've literally outgrown them, or because I just don't wear them anymore.  Sure did empty out the closet!  So, now I can actually do a little shopping guilt-free.

Family.  Babies.  Grandchildren.
Cleaning out the closet wasn't as much of a chore as I anticipated. (I still have many more to go though!)