Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A wonderful Gift

I met my friend, Deb, for breakfast today -- and it was wonderful being able to have a leisurely breakfast with neither of us needing to be somewhere else.  She gifted me with this beautiful prayer shawl she's been working on during Bill's illness.  I love it, especially the color, and the thought behind it -- plus I love all the knitted stuff she does because I don't knit!  And yes, Deb, it will comfort me and I will use it.  I know it was made with love.

Now an irritation:  I received a notice today from Chase Bank -- they back my Visa Credit Card.   They say I missed a payment in May and are charging me an additional $10 late fee.  We have always only used credit cards for convenience.  We pay the balance in full every month.  I pay the bills online.  I'm pretty sure they didn't notify me that there was a bill, but besides that -- I had already scheduled the June payment.  So, I paid their measly $27 bill today and with the one scheduled for the end of June, that will be the final amount they ever receive from me.  I will not close the account, because I don't want that charged against my credit rating, but I will cut up my card and never use it again.  This is the second time they've done that to us, and it will be the last!  Thanks for letting me vent!

I am blessed with the gift of friendship.  Deb and I have a friendship that has lasted more than 30 years and I treasure it.

So far everyone I have dealt with on the phone regarding Bill's estate have been very accommodating and helpful.  They are making the process a lot easier for me.

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  1. Joanne - have you called Chase to ask them to take the $10 fee off your account? As a good customer it can't hurt to ask. Then you can still cut up the card!