Monday, June 14, 2010

Old Habits Die Hard

Every day for the past almost 29 years, I would copy the cryptoquote from the newspaper on to a pad of paper -- because Bill always did the cryptoquote and the crossword puzzle every morning in the paper -- in pen!  That way I could also do the cryptoquote and sometimes we could compare -- to see if we got the guy's name right or if we had a hard time with a certain quote.  Well, old habits do die hard -- I find myself still folding the newspaper to the page and copying the quote to my pad -- I'm still not going to attempt to do it in pen on the newsprint!

The shock has worn off and the funeral is over (very, very nice memorial service).  K & D helped me with the thank you notes this weekend and I got them all mailed out today.
I finally got in to see a nurse practitioner this afternoon -- I've had no voice for a week now.  Says it's just a viral thing and to keep on doing all the home remedy doctoring things I've been doing and rest it!  Yeah right -- people call and I can't not talk to them; plus I have a lot of things that need to be taken care of NOW!  So -- I'll rest it in the evenings and overnight and hopefully my voice will come back soon.

Went to visit an old friend last evening -- it was wonderful talking with her and catching up on what's been happening in her life too.  JR and I just needed to get away and she welcomed him into her home as well.

Meeting another old friend for breakfast tomorrow before I run more errands.  I'm trying not to isolate myself, which sometimes I'd like to do but know it wouldn't be good for me.  The kids call every day -- I guess we're all going to have good and bad days for a long time to come.


Mikey is doing well and even sleeping longer at night most nights, which gives Steph much needed sleep.

Our neighbors are wonderful -- they keep an eye on the house when I'm gone, take JR on truck rides, mow the lawn and offer to do tons of other things that need to be done here.  We are truly blessed with good friends.

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  1. Hi Joanne, I started following your new blog and love it so far. I can't imagine what you are going through, but it seems you are heading in the right direction.