Sunday, October 3, 2010

October already!

I'm trying to catch up with stuff around here -- yardwork, cleaning, the mundane parts of daily life.  I couldn't get my right hand wet for two weeks or more, so I got a little behind in things.  And, I couldn't do any quilting or anything else that involved too much movement of my hand.  Before the surgery though I cut out a couple of quilts and was able to put two pieces together and chain through the sewing machine.  It proved to be a great sanity-saver for me.  I couldn't use the iron though, so had to wait til I got the brace off my hand to finish the quilts.  These are the two Schnibbles® quilts I pieced.  I don't remember their names, offhand, but I can say I love the results of both of them.  The second one is going to be a favorite, I know.

I also bought myself a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle the first week after the surgery -- and I finally finished it last night!  I used to love doing jigsaw puzzles, but haven't done them in years because it took away time from quilting!  But, truth be told, sometimes even I need a break from quilting.

In that vein, I've decided to accept JudyL's challenge of knitting socks beginning November 1.  I don't knit -- I do crochet, but have never gotten into knitting, so now is the time.  Mary didn't knit either, but she jumped in with both feet last year and has already made a number of pairs of socks.  When she recommends something on her blog, I usually find that she has valid reasons for the recommendations and so far have not been disappointed with anything I try that she recommends -- I've always loved the pantographs she shows and usually end up buying a few and they become my favorites, too.  I waited a long time to buy a Kindle® after she talked about it, but I love mine too.  So, I asked her some questions about what needles to buy and whether I would need a yarn winder and how much yarn to buy.  Consequently, I have an order in for sizes 16 and 24 circular needles, a yarn winder and a couple of different brands of yarn (balls and hanks) from Knitpicks.  Mary also posted a long blog post about the knitting.  (Just scroll down for a few days ago).
Anyway -- here is my first attempt at knitting -- I've already made a few mistakes, but the good news is that I recognize the errors!  I just printed off some directions from the internet for this first attempt.  This will be a dishcloth.  Next I'll try knitting and purling.  I can't wait for the books that I ordered to get here -- and the yarn and needles.  I've been envious of the great socks that Judy and Mary have been making for a long time, so it's time I jumped on the bandwagon and learn this craft.
Mikey is rolling over by himself now.  He'll be 4 months on the 5th.
My hand is healing -- slowly.
Trying new things.

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  1. Oh, I like that orange autumn quilt!