Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Blew Me Away

I received this beautiful quilt in the mail yesterday. The blocks were made by friends from a quilt-related list I've been on for many years. However, I was on "special notices only" for the past few years because it was a high-volume email list and I couldn't keep up.
There are blocks from all over the world in it and it was put together by Sue. She quilted each block differently. Most of the blocks are signed and it's just totally wonderful. It was like unwrapping a collective hug. Thank you all so much.
I took it with me to the quilt shop today and everyone oohed and aahed over it -- not to mention the surprise on their faces when I told them it came from an internet group that I've never met!  Isn't that just amazing?!

Internet friends, of course!


  1. It is as you say, Joanne, a lovely quilt. '


  2. (((Hugs)))!!!

    Kathy in Or

  3. JT you have never been forgotten and many prayers have been offered for Steve, so sorry that the problem is back, you are both in my thoughts and prayers.
    You may not know that I was also widowed this year and can so relate to you going outside to ask him about "why" with the walnut trees, I am told that it gets better ..
    Thinking of you - Sandy in South Australia

  4. JT, Glad to have contributed a few squares to "hug" you from NJ.