Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meeting a New Friend

I was looking for a photo to post and ran across this one -- it's actually 6 years old because that's Grandpa Bill with our first grandson AJ -- he was just 5 months old at the time.  Bill really loved being a grandpa!  Looks like he just came in from working outside -- bibs and dirty shirt and all!
Anyway -- the reason for the post is I finally made time to meet a fellow blogger today.  Bren taught a couple of hand quilting classes at Acorn Quilts in Rockford and now every month the hand quilters/hand piecers/basically anyone that wants to do some hand work, meet once a month at the shop.  Today was the day.  And even though my hand isn't recovered enough to do any handwork yet, I wanted to meet Bren.  And I'm glad I did -- she's just as personable as her blog and I enjoyed the hours I spent talking with her.  I hope next month I'll be able to bring some handwork along.
I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it at first -- my double size garage door broke last night when I closed it after parking my car inside.  Thank God for our good friend and neighbor, Squire.  He got the rollers back into the rails and opened it so I could get my car out and closed it afterwards.  I have a call in to a garage door company to come out and fix it permanently.  I hate this being alone thing -- Bill used to take care of everything that broke.
Yesterday I spent two hours picking up sticks and walnuts (boy do they make a mess on the driveway).  Then I went out and talked to Bill about what a mess it is to pick up and why on earth did he plant more walnut trees when we first moved in 16 years ago!  (Squire asked if he answered me -- and yes, the answer was that he always cleaned up the walnuts and sticks and I never had to deal with the mess before!).

Meeting new and old friends at the quilt shop.  A truly enjoyable afternoon.
What a blessing our friend, Squire is to me and was to Bill.
The garage door didn't fall on my car!
Dinner out with a wonderful friend last night -- Friday night fish fry was good and the company was terrific.

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  1. It was such a blessing to meet you today. What a surprise!!! I do hope you come back. You added so much to the group!!!!! (plus you smell so nice! LOL)