Friday, October 22, 2010


My county is having an electronics recycling event -- two days.  And they are taking old tv's and monitors and a whole bunch of other electronic things.  I recycled a couple of monitors a couple of years ago at a neighboring county's event and they charged me $10 a piece and I waited in line for more than an hour.  Since then, that county doesn't accept monitors or old tv's, so we've just been saving them in the shed.  Last night a friend loaded a huge 20 inch monitor and two old tv's into my car for me and today I drove down to the recycling place.  In less than an hour I drove there, (about a 20 minute drive one way), waited in line, had 3 or 4 very nice men unload my car and drove home again.  And, it didn't cost me anything but the gas to get there.  And boy, does it feel good to get those things out of here.  This is where the old 20" monitor was -- I couldn't move it to even clean around it, so you can see the dust on the table!

 My plan for today is to clean out this corner (it's in the basement and behind and to the right of my chair and computer) and use it to start sorting stuff as I clean out the house.  First up will be a lot of paperwork that I have stored in a big Rubbermaid bin.

I think my shredder is going to be working overtime today!  I'll show follow-up pictures in my next blog posts.

While I'm doing this, I have a guy doing my fall yard cleanup.  I finally gave in and hired someone to do the work I knew I would never get done.  I spent an entire day a few weeks ago blowing leaves off the drive and mulching them with the lawnmower -- the next day the drive and the yard were covered!  The leaves are about a foot deep near the house and they are not done falling, so he may have to come back again to redo the leaves.  He's also going to clean out the asparagus bed and the garden and flower beds of all the dead stuff.  This is all the stuff Bill used to do and he did it so often that I never noticed the leaves accumulating or weeds in the asparagus bed or volunteer trees growing in the gardens.  I finally figured that out and decided that I can't do all that Bill did and still try to keep the house up.

Steve is undergoing radiation treatments in Madison five days a week now.  I drive two days a week, his wife drives one (she works full time), and two of his friends each drive one day. We also have offers from others to drive.  We are all very grateful for all the support we have.  There's a country song, "You Find Out Who Your Friends Are" -- we have both found a whole wonderful group of true friends.  

True friends and family.  Thanks -- you know who you are!
My neighbor and friend, Squire -- he's always there when I need him, and he always knows who to contact to get things done around here!  He was a great friend to Bill.
Bob -- he drove all the way over here to haul the monitor and tv's out of the basement and shed and load them for me.  I meet him and his wife, Lynn for dinner once a week.
Deb, Kris and Ginny -- they keep me sane (or they put up with my insanity!)

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  1. Our country does something similar every once in a while, and it makes it nice! I know that Goodwill takes in old electronic items, but we've never checked to exactly what they will accept. They repair and resell.

    Best wishes on your cleaning out, wish we had a basement. Will remember your son, Steve, in my prayers.