Monday, May 9, 2011

My Favorite Quilt Shop

My favorite quilt shop finally made the Quilt Sampler -- Page 44!  Yellow Creek Quilt Designs in Pearl City, IL. 
I stopped by last Thursday and picked up my signed copy, and also......bought an old, huge table that will be going into my new sewing room in the basement in a couple of weeks.  It was used in one of the printing companies in Mt. Morris, IL, which is another small town in my area.  it's primitive -- which I love.  Also, the reason I love Yellow Creek (formerly Sew Many Antiques) -- they carry primitive items along with the "country" fabrics I like and the Civil War Repros, which I've really been getting into lately.

Since the auction, I've been busy getting the house in order and working on the yard -- I've been mowing until my high-school helper finishes the year out.  Yesterday I  cleaned up the raised beds Bill made for our garden, so I can actually plant some veggies this year -- who knows if I'll be around to enjoy the harvest, but just in case.....
I also cut asparagus for the first time this season.  I had fresh asparagus and a salad for dinner last night -- superb! 
I'd really like to get my flower beds in shape this year -- nothing got done last summer at all, so I'm a year behind on the weeding.  If the house does sell this summer, I plan on taking a few plants with me when I move.  I have a clump of Virginia Bluebells from the family homestead and a couple of peony plants that were at my mother-in-law's house.  Also, a fern-leaf peony that I bought about 18 years ago and transplanted to this house and a few of my beautiful daylilies.

All in all, I'm splitting my time between getting the house whipped into shape and getting the yard/gardens whipped into shape!  And hopefully in the process I'll be able to get my shape whipped into shape!

Steve called me yesterday to wish me a happy Mother's Day -- it was a nice surprise because either the cancer or the radiation treatment has taken his memory, so he can't hold on to a thought very long.
Steph and family took me out to dinner on Saturday night for the occasion. 

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