Sunday, May 1, 2011

I survived the auction!

Yesterday was the big day.  All week they were calling for rain, thunderstorms, wind, you name it.  It started out cloudy and we did have a lot of wind, but the rain held off til many hours after the fact -- and it was only a little rain, no thunderstorms.
It was a long day though.  My daughter and two of her sons came down Friday night and spent the night.  Mikey is cutting teeth, so he managed to keep Steph up during the night and I didn't sleep well either.  I was up at 5:30 and after my shower, I got to keep Mikey company while Steph took her shower.  Is this not the most angelic face you've ever seen -- what me cutting teeth?!  He'll be 11 months on the 5th.
The auction guys started arriving at 7 am and set everything up.  They spent four hours here on Wednesday sorting and organizing the shop/shed and hauling furniture out of the house.  On Saturday they still had to haul some heavy furniture from the basement, but it took no time at all.  People started arriving at 8:30 or so for the 10 am start.  There were a lot of people here.  And that was really great, because the sale went very, very well.  Over the next two weeks some of the buyers will be scheduling time with me to pick up the items they bought -- namely firewood, a radial arm saw and a pool table.

Now it's time for me to start cleaning up, rearranging and getting the house ready to sell.  I did a little bit this morning.
Remember this was a before auction picture of part of the basement:
This is the after picture of the same part:
And here is Phase 1:
The Brother machine on the left and both heavy parts of the table were on the second floor.  The Bernina and tables were on the main floor.  Did I mention that I started a diet and exercise program today?  I actually did get on the treadmill this morning, but I think I got more exercise doing the stairs and heavy lifting!  Whew!
This is about all I can do for now because the pool table needs to be taken apart and brought through this area to the door and I do not want to have to move everything out of the way after I finally get it all set up.  But the goal is to consolidate all my different rooms for sewing/quilting into this one big room -- the longarm is already in the other half of this room.

The weather held for the auction and we had a great turnout.
Hack's Auction from Pecatonica, IL were wonderful.

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