Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One month

I tried not to think about it today...but that proved impossible. Bill has been gone a month today -- sometimes it seems like a lot longer and sometimes I think he'll walk through the door after spending the day playing lumberjack in the woods. I've had some frustrating days dealing with financial stuff and my patience has worn thin -- and then I realize it's only been a month. Kevin told me today that I should think about the fact that way back in 1987 I drove Bill to the hospital while he was having his first heart attack and if I hadn't insisted he go, he might have died way back then as it turned out to be a major blockage and they had to do an emergency angioplasty that day.
Brings to mind this gift I've already shown you:  And I look at this every day and it is so, so very true -- we had 29 years of memories that I cherish -- he was one heck of a husband!

I really was blessed with 29 years of being married to Bill.
I'm relearning patience -- I don't know when I lost my patience, but over the years I seem to have expected things to be done faster and faster, everything seems to have picked up to a rat race level and now it's time to slow things down again.  To everything a season, and a time.

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  1. Sounds like its time to get back to Porchrockin speed.

    Love You