Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Day at a Time

Yesterday was another of those "firsts" -- you know, first birthday without Bill, first Christmas, etc.  Yesterday was our anniversary -- would have been 29 years.  I had a major breakdown on Monday evening, so planned on doing nothing yesterday.  In fact, I told everyone I wanted to be alone and it worked very well for me.  Only had one small problem when I opened the mail and there was an anniversary card from Hospice for me.  I spent half the day taking care of some paperwork -- boy is there a lot of paperwork to change things into my name only.  Still haven't gotten Social Security straightened out....but that's their problem. 

I haven't done any piecing in months mostly because I haven't had time and also because I just didn't feel like it.  Last Monday, Kris and I held a "Quilt-In" at the Forest Preserve.  We had Kay demonstrate a new to us ruler, the June Taylor Perfect Half Square and Quarter Square triangles ruler.  She brought along a beautiful Jacob's Ladder quilt done in batiks to demonstrate the ruler too.  Lots of people worked on those blocks and we ate lots of food and generally had a good time.  I brought applique to do because I haven't been able to get my act together and pull fabrics, or cut fabrics or piece anything.  I really liked the demo on the ruler though, and started to get inspired at the quilt-in.

  Friday Kris and I stopped at the Leaf River Quilt Co. to pick up our Schnibbles® pattern for July and I bought some fat quarters and some charm square packs to make the pattern.  However,  I still hadn't done the Schnibbles® pattern for June, which was "Lincoln".  (We're doing a Schnibbles Club BOM at Leaf River -- in case you hadn't figured that out!).  So, Friday afternoon I decided it was time to get busy.  I finally cut out "Lincoln" and pieced one of the stars together.  Yesterday afternoon I finished piecing the stars and squared them up and then pieced the rail fence blocks.  Today I squared up the rail fence blocks and sewed the quilt together. 

It feels good to finally start piecing again.  Next up is the July Schnibbles and then I want to make some of those Jacob's Ladder blocks using the new ruler.  All in good time though -- I also have a few quilts waiting to be quilted. 

We had beautiful weather (albeit a bit hot!) for our church picnic this morning.
A whole bunch of people asked for the recipe for the Oriental Salad I brought to the picnic -- nice to know it was a hit!
Will turned 3 on Friday -- what a treasure that boy is -- the perfect child to be named after his Grandpa!

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  1. Praying for you still.
    Your quilt is beautiful!!!!! You are an inspiration to us all!! ((((hugs))))